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NOTICE_Harrisburg Investors_IRA Values and 2016 K-1s

Second Accounting – Filed 9.29.16

Order_Judicial Determination of Mackenzie Interests_10.28.15

NOTICE_Harrisburg Investors_IRA Values and 2015 K-1s

Order – Continue Hearing for Judicial Determination of Mackenzie Interests…

Order_AFE Application_9.23.15

Notice of Hrg_9.23.15

AFE Working Interest Owners with Incomplete Verification

AFE Total Amounts Owed by Working Interest Owner (Verified)

AFE Total Amounts Owed by Unconfirmed Working Interest Owners

AFE Letter_Verified WI owners

AFE Letter_UN-Verified WI owners

AFE Letter_Incomplete Payment Info WI owners

AFE Election Form_Verified Owners

AFE Election Form_UN-Verified and Incomplete Pmt Owners

AFE – Drill out casing shoe – Jamie SWD

Receiver’s Third Interim App for Allowance & Payment of Fees and Expense…

Receiver’s Interim Status Report

App for Judicial Det in Mackenzie – Notice of Hearing – Filed

App for Judicial Det in Mackenzie – Filed

App for Approval of AFE – Notice of Hearing – Filed

App for Approval of AFE – Filed

Notice 2014 Tax Documents

Harrisburg Leasehold Acreage Map_3.11.15

Notice to Harrisburg Investors_Status of Harrisburg Leasehold Acreage

Petition_Brown v. Pixelbridge_12-16-14

NOTICE_Mackenzie Well Working Interest Owners_12.19.14

Petition_Jasmine v. Gray_11-26-14

Receiver’s 2nd Interim App for Allow and Pmt of Fees and Expenses_11-26-14

First Annual Accounting_filed 11-21-14

Notice to Investors_6-5-14

Notice to INVESTORS_Unreceived Documents_9.2.14

Order to Issue Notice to Creditors_8.11.14

Notice to Creditors_8.15.14

Notice to INVESTORS_investment recovery businesses_9.2.14

Notice to INVESTORS_ Unreceived Documents_7.23.14

You can view other documents and filings in the Oklahoma and Cleveland County District Courts via the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network: Department of Securities v. Jasmine, et al.Receiver v. Pixelbridge Media, et al.Receiver v. G. Gray et al.Receiver v. B. Gray et al.

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